My Interesting Virgin Mobile Story

Hey yall! I have written the below letter to the CEO of Virgin Mobile. I hope he reads and responds. This is it:-

Good Day Sir

I had a virgin mobile contract a long time ago, sometime between 2007-2008, the telesales consultant that called me offered me a contract that I was to pay R200 for 1000 sms and unlimited calls, I had a Vodacom contract at the time and thought this was definitely a good deal so I went for it! At the end of the first month of taking the contract I received a bill that I owed about R560, (I’ll admit at this point I was sure this was a cruel joke.) I called Virgin Mobile to complain and I was not assisted. I honestly don’t remember word for word what the discussion entailed but I did not receive a definite answer for a way forward just that the contract does not work that way… I left the matter at that and did not receive further communication from Virgin Mobile. In 2010 I received a call from a debt collections company that I had to pay Virgin Mobile, again because it was so long ago, I did not make a note of the debt collections company and knowing that I owed, well they said I should pay for the hand set which I made an agreement to pay. I made an arrangement with the them and paid the account. From 2010-2013 I did not receive any communication from Virgin Mobile and considered the matter closed.

In 2013, I received a call from another debt collecting company that I owe Virgin Mobile, I was so confused and didn’t want a bad credit record as I work for a Financial institution and honestly I didn’t have the energy in me to fight so I paid two installments of R1600 plus an additional R30. After that I still didn’t receive communication from Virgin Mobile. (I know at this point the story is beginning to sound lame right? Please read on it gets better)

Late last year in September/October, I received a summons from another Debt Collecting Company, however I informed the company that I had made payments and sent them proof of payments and spoke to Rebecca K whom also requested that I submit proof of payments and I did. This was an incredibly exhausting exercise as the first Debt Collecting company I paid whilst I was banking with Absa, I had to go into the branch and request an archived statement which took me well over an hour at the cost of R34 per month… and a further 20 to 30 mins being assisted by the enquiries clerk to identify the Virgin Mobile payment from my statement from 2010!!!! After this I was convinced I had won this tedious battle! But no!!! Not with the Incredible Virgin Money Monster…

Today, 06 May 2015 I received another call from ANOTHER debt collections company that I owed VIRGIN MOBILE, now at this point I’m thinking surely there is fraud on my ID or something, worse off they claim I owe an incredible R8 793.04! Now please bear in mind, I paid R2400 for the first debt collections company, another R1320 to another debt collections company but now heaven knows, even if Richard Branson were my husband or father I refuse to part with any more money, this can’t be life hey!! After speaking to the Debt Collections company, and by this time, I’ve gotten clever and took their name down; they are Kollekt Collections Company, I informed them that I had paid and submitted proof of payment and immediately called Virgin Mobile and spoke to Teboho T who also requested that I forward proof of payments and he will definitely deal with the matter. Not to sound rude and ungrateful, Rebbecca K also promised to deal with the matter and still…here I am. Clearly Virgin Mobile sells contracts and dreams.

My lessons from this whole saga is 1. never assume that matters are settled until you have it in Black and White, even so still doesn’t prove anything. 2. Virgin Mobile is not here for me, they don’t want to see this bright Black girl prosper. 3. This issue is emotionally and financially consuming matter, how? so you ask…well this, I have stolen time from my employers to take the Debt Collector’s call explain to her the story, call Virgin Mobile speak to Vannessa who put me through to Teboho and explain the matter, with each person I’m telling the story from 2007-2008, at this time I get literally feel eyes rolling from the other end, and then I had to logon onto HelloPeter report the story from 2007-2008 this time with limited space, google who the current CEO of Virgin Mobile is, post this on the blog. Imagine how productive I would have gotten had I not had to deal with this today?

I am sorry I know I promised to keep it short, I couldn’t. I’m an emotional wreck I feel like I’m stuck in an abusive domestic relationship with Virgin Mobile! Can our divorce not get any uglier???


Disgruntled Customer


One thought on “My Interesting Virgin Mobile Story

  1. I got an email from Virgin Mobiles CEO complaints manager (they have such positions mo o) to apologise. My name has been cleared on ITC as well! Happiness

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