Cry my beloved continent!

I am against Xenophobia. In fact I hate it. We all know hate is a strong word, that’s how strongly I feel about it. Besides the plain fact that its brutal and inhumane. I have non-SA friends, from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Nigeria and Botswana respectively, all of whom I love and cherish dearly, not because they from other African countries, but truly because God blessed them with beautiful hearts.

My beloved Catholic priests are non-SAn, I can’t even begin to tell you how I’ve grown spiritually since they came into our parishes, no shade to South African priests, but I started going to church not only out of habit but because I learned and leaned closer to God through their beautiful, thought provoking homilies. All of them different but each with a special gift and an amazing ability to teach the Word and influence my life positively. I actually get excited talking/writing about this part of my life, read here.

It is said we all come from different homes and we have different values and beliefs, truth, but as a South African and even a bigger African family, which of our values are for Afro-phobia? Where is Ubuntu?

A few weeks ago we were up in arms fighting cement, remember #RhodesMustFall? Did Rhodes fall so Afro-phobia could rise? We said Rhodes was  colonial idiot yadayada…but now we can’t embrace of fellow African brothers who aren’t here to take our land nor to build statues of themselves? See, we seem to be a nation of double standards and we kinda make the rules as we go along and break them when it suits us.

I believe South Africans suffer from what is called Afro-phobia in the social media,  I get so bothered when a fellow South African says  “in Africa…” as if we are not part of that Africa! It’s bad enough we hate each other, it’s worse that we are displaying it for the world to know. It’s worse, many foreign nationals have settled well in SA, many except those from other parts of Africa. Let’s love and embrace each other, we can do more and better together.


Sports and Recreation minister Mr Mbalula tweets

No Xenophobia for me thank you!

Madika- Black Female Superheroine