Last year I attended the Love Conference hosted by Just Curious I wrote about my experience here–> This year Just Curious organized another Love Conference, I looked forward to it, I was so excited about this year’s one as there were promises of it being bigger and better and as usual Lelo never disappoints. Lelo and team had arranged for Mr. Rob Hill Sr to be the main speaker at the event. I had no idea whom Rob was until a few months before the event. Instagram and twitter was filled with his words of wisdom. I followed him on twitter, I couldn’t help but compare him to last years speaker; Mr. Steven Dixon, Steven and I had a few twitter interactions and I disagreed with him on a number of his ‘facts’ regarding relationships. He had tweeted that the reason men cheat was because there were women willing to cheat on them with and that women must stop being ‘hoes’ in order for men to stop cheating, something to that effect, please note blog post–> Well anyway, he had made some valid points at last year’s conference and I was hoping that Rob Hill Sr is nothing like him. Unlike last year I arrived a bit late at the venue, I got lost and was frustrated by the time I got there. However my friend and I managed to get there before Rob could take to the stage. In fact by the looks of things we had only missed out the breakfast and the introduction. Hulisani was a great MC, the panel was on point. I have so much love and respect for Mr. Martin Manamela I kicked myself in the foot hore why I didn’t buy his book last year, I ended up buying a book that was badly written from one of the panel and speakers from last year, a certain sex expert. Well moving right along to this year’s love conference. I will not talk much about the panel as I feel that all of them deserved to be there and each brought it their two cents worth of wisdom. Like the previous year’s Love Conference I got a feeling that it was not about getting a man and keeping him, it was not about bashing the opposite sex. For me more than anything, the themes were around self love. All the speakers from last year and this year’s panel reiterated the importance of self love in different ways and in ways that I felt got through to every delegate in that room. When Rob took to the stage he had a standing ovation. I sharpened my concentration levels, I had a feeling this guy was coming with a key to my happiness. I listened attentively, he went IN! I recall a story he told about his young son who was hurt and learning how to walk, he told us about how he kept on falling but stood up and tried again. He kept reiterating “he was fearless cause he’s fresh from God” I related to that, Dr Bonke or Martin mentioned that fear is learned. Deeper and deeper Rob went, he lowered his voice, paused during his speech, he said that he did that to thank God, in my head I figured he was freestyling and probably needed to gather his thoughts. At this point I felt like he was losing me, I needed a breather or else I was gonna fall asleep, and I sure as hell wasn’t gonna sleep on R350. I left the room. I don’t think I missed out much of what he said next, by the time I came back it was time for the Q&A session. I didn’t get an opportunity to ask a question, I wanted to but I wasn’t cut up about it. My query or issue might have been spoken about while I was out so I might have embarrassed myself. Plus this year I promised myself that I’d listen more and talk less.

After the conference we had an opportunity to mingle with the bloggers, tweeples (ake tsebe what batho ba tweeting are called in English) and the speakers. The were many celebrities at the event and they took time to pose for pictures with the other delegates. There was a queue for a photo opportunity with Robza. I believe it was a great event all round. Again, I’m glad I went. My friend Tumi is happy. She enjoyed herself and just yesterday she was telling that though she’s back in to the real world, she feels like her life has changed. Nothing dramatic but just adjusting to looking at things differently and appreciating your uniqueness and your place in the world.

My wishes for next year’s conference are:

1. Longer conference, main speaker could be the honourable Mr Manamela. This guy is legendary.
2. Fewer “love experts” – more ground lay people.
3. Perhaps the panel could include a testimony from someone who had attended the sessions before and he/she could share about what she had learned and how her life changed.
4. A DVD of the last sessions and maybe some goodie bags.
5. A copy of Lelo’s book…it’s about time don’t you think?

That’s my two cents…


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