I had this weird political dream!

I had such a weird political dream last night, must be from reading up on UDMs policy and governance. EFF, Mugabe, and Boko Harram #bringbackourgirls. In my dream the EFF had ordered all ANC female supporters to be raped, Juluis Malema gave a press conference and said no that’s not true. He only gave instruction for DA members female members to be raped. Most SAn women hed fled to Zimbabwe seeking refuge. Magube made them slaves on his farms. He and Grace were on the brink of divorce because she didn’t agree with him. And the he (Mugabe) sent Bakko Haram to South Africa to kill all EFF members!! I had superpowers, basically ekare ne ke loya, so I flew to South Africa and killed Malema, Boko Haram, Zuma and then flew back to Zim to kill Mugabe. Zimbabwe and SA became one country and I won a Noble peace prize. The girls were freed and all got a scholarship into Oprah’s school.

I guess this is why I believe I’m some kinda super hero! LOL


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