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Let me tell you a little bit about what I do. I’m a Financial Planner. This is that job I’d been praying about but didn’t know existed. Well after six years in banking, I took a breather and worked for government, well a SETA. I was there for almost two years doing non-banking related things. It was during this time that I figured out what it is I’m meant to do with my life. I started making the right calls, praying the right ways and slowly moved in the right direction. One odd day I received call for an interview and jumped at the chance. A few weeks later, I handed in my resignation letter and made my way into my dream job.

You see that’s different about this job is that it’s in line with what I’ve want to do with my life. I’d rather sell risk and investment products than sell credit. I wish I knew what I know now earlier. The beauty though is that it is never late to rectify your financial mistakes. It doesn’t matter how old you are but finances can be fixed, attitudes can be changed and financial education is available. This last thing anybody wants is to feature on InDebt TV show.

I want to see people be financially free, not in a political and radical sense, I’d like to live in a world where people aren’t committing suicide because of debt, a world where families are left in dire straits because the bread winner has passed on, a world where families aren’t fighting because a member died without a will. A world where people are investing in their future and in their children’s future. I want to demystify investments, I grew up believing that investors are rich people and that you need a lump sum to invest. Little did I know, as clichéd as it sounds, every penny counts. Some people are lucky to be permanent salary earners, to feed their families and educate their kids, it’s sad that people are sorely relying on the current salaries for survival. Do you ever think of the possibilities, what if you lose you job, what if you are disabled and aren’t able to earn an salary to support yourself and the ones you love. There are many circumstances that could lead to loss of income. Are you ready? Are you prepared? Well if not I’m here for you. Well, have a look at the below, be honest and drop me a mail.


Kindly visit or call our Qualified Financial Planner to arrange a Free consultation to discuss your needs such as;

INVESTMENTS: (Education, Motor Car, Holiday or Lobola )

LIFE COVER: (Death, Disability, Critical Illness or Loss of Income)

RETIREMENT: (Living Too Long & Tax Saving)

FUNERAL PLAN: (Up To R50000.00. cover for spouse, children & parents as well as extended family)

WILLS: (Ensure that your estate will be spread accordingly)

LUMP SUM INVESTMENT: (Saving for growth or income).

For more info: Call Madika Mashiloane: Tel-011 354 9500.

Who Needs Financial Planning?

The truth is that practically everyone can benefit from some kind of financial planning. Establishing financial goals and creating a plan to achieve them can be a challenging task. However the financial planning process may be easier than you think. If you have long-term financial goals such as preparing for retirement or funding your children’s education, financial planning will help you get there faster, because it keeps, motivated and focused on your financial goals. With an overwhelming number of options for saving and investing, managing your finances can become difficult. Financial planning provides direction and meaning to your wealth planning decisions. It gives you an understanding of how each financial decision you make affects all other areas of your finances.

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