Now that I’m 30

Now that I’m 30 a few things have to change by fire by force. Those things are:

1. My outlook on life-unleash the beast Dixx. *Switches the “go-getyo-life-girl-button.”* Don’t be scurrrrd!

2. Gym-my return to the gym is long overdue. Operation thuba mkhaba in full force! I still can’t be looking like a gave birth yesterday when my daughter is in Grade R already!

3. Improve my speech. At 30 there isn’t a single language I speak fluently. My Sesotho is half baked. My English is half baked, my Zulu is an insult to Zulus…I’ll leave it here for now. But I really need to improve.

4. Break ties with people that drain me. It’s okay, they’re not bad people and I’m not a bad person. Perhaps “we” no longer fit in in each others lives. That’s cool it means there’s been growth and progress and we shouldn’t get emotional about letting go. It’s natural.

5. Get financial freedom and create wealth. Opportunities are plenty, go-getyo-life-girl. Be debt free!

6. Act as I think. I think I can do well, I think I can make history in my industry, I think I can conquer the world. I know for a fact that all these are possible. Perhaps my fear is that I’m powerful and great beyond measure. Let go of that and take steps towards greatness!

7. Love again. Like I’ve never been hurt. Let go of all my crushes, including you Nyambose lol!!

8. Let go of my insecurities, the world should take me as I am. Provided I present myself to the world as I am. So Dixx it is 24/7/365

9. Make a meaningful contribution to my church and community. Doing good feels good. I want to do more of things that make me feel good.

10. Appreciate my family more. This past two years have been a rollercoaster ride of one negative emotion after another and in all that my family has been there and assuring me that all will be fine. Things are not perfect but they’re definately better and for that I’m eternaly grateful!

Because I’m God’s work in progress this list is incomplete!

*Heres to 30 and beyond*