2013 in review

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2013 the year that was

This post actually started here it started with me lamenting about the lousy year that 2013 has been. I recalled all the negative experiences I went through. So my car, Ntofopeadic was involved in a minor accident, a few months later it was broken into and stripped! I was carless (or in between cars as the cool kids say) for a WHILE!! All that plus I was beginning to believe that the career move I made in 2012 was the worst decision ever. Well you know what they say, “when you start entertaining negativity in one aspect of your life it spreads through your whole life” So down it all went, if it wasn’t the car it was finances and it went that it was work! I felt like I was sinking further and further in a downward spiral. Even writing this is kinda depressing…

Here’s a few great things that went right in 2013:

Well it wasn’t all bad, I’ve meet a few great people, whom I’ve always wanted to meet. My groupie moments.. The amazing Lelo Boyana, this woman shem! I was so star struck!! I’m actually a little embarrased recouting the experience. Then I met Thandiswa Mazwai at Emperor palace, my nerves went out the window and I had to tell her how great I think she is. Shem I didn’t really care whether the people sitting with her judging, I had to have my groupie moment in peace! I’ve met too many amazing people this year shem, just had to mention the two especially. There’s a gentleman whom touched my soul, a very wise young man who speaks in togues ala Kelly Khumalo, funny guy that! Intelligent, God fearing and an absolute ray of sunshine. I reconnected with old friends, I sought a spiritual home in the form of a church sodality, I became more involved with the church. I found other avenues to explore and extended my God given gifts. I figured what I want in this lifetime, my purpose in life went from blurry to clear. In December I signed a contract the will change my life positively. I only see good coming from this and every fibre in my being is happy and the turn of events. This year I’ve learned that though education carries you from the open plan to the corner office, your intergrity will keep you at the corner office and between flights and boardrooms!

I’ve learned that friends become your second family when you have nothing to offer. This year opened my eyes to the deepest and perhaps more truths about my friends and my place in their lives. It’s reassuring that after many years, many tears and many laughs that I’ve had the same friends for as long as I can remember. Gos has loved me that much! My life has been incredibly eventful for the past two years. I’ve had (arguably) my first life crisis, I’ve made that career decision, had the boyfriend/s, had that scare (HIV and pregnancy), I’ve questioned God and so many things around me. I’ve accepted things as they were, people as the come. I’ve learned to fight and win, most importantly I’ve learned to choose my battles!

Here’s to my good years, the best is coming! *raises glass at this point* TO THIRTY AND BEYOND


My belief and way of life is to behave decently to everyone without any expectation of rewards or punishment even after I’m dead. The momentary power we’re given through our careers is the anchor that steers our path to greater glory. It is our responsibility to nurture and protect the power. We are accountable for the results this power bears, whether directly or indirectly. Abuse of this power will expose our incompetency, external forces will weaken the power until it can’t be controlled. In order to control and harness the power we need to groom and keep close the good team players, We need to share the rewards, be considerate and compassionate.

When we abuse the power we drive out the good and keep the bad, for example, if you drove out everyone who has ever challanged you out of your life, how would you have grown as a person?! Surrounding yourself with ‘yes man’ aint good at all, they’ll watch you fail and laugh behind your back!

Read this, with this article in mind A body of politics

Corporate bullies, like primary school bullies all end up the same place, depressed, suicidal, bitter and at the very dirty bottom of the basement. They get stuck in the same place because that’s where they are comfortable. Ever heard of a school bully who got A grades, ever heard of a corporate bully who made it to the Forbes list? (Refer: Workplace Bullying and Forbes Corporate Bullying )

Sometimes the wise thing to do when in such a situation is to walk away with your dignity in tact. Noting of course that this is not easliy achieved as it’s not easy to hop from one job to another. However walking away yields far more power that sticking it out or tyring to fight it from within. This leaves the abuser stranded, whom will they torment and torture?

Before you play victim, bear in mind that you’re so powerful and intimidating that someone has to put up an act when dealing with you. They have to sources something outside their being to interact with you. They have to sit and strategise… Read Leader without a title a great read that teaches us that you don’t need a title to lead and be powerful! Power lies within you, go for it and SHINE!!

Is the devil so engraved in the heart and mind of a bully that they can’t tell right from wrong? When people take food out of your childs mouth just to remind you who’s boss…in the meantime, never take anything said or done against you personally. Abuse is never about you, ever!

Your duty as a Christian is to pray and hope that they (bullies) finds error in their ways and that they corrects their behaviour because hell awaits…

This is the Gospel according to Dixx.