2012 when the world ended

2012 The Year That Was…
This is the year that had great drama, I changed careers after six years in the banking sector. I was blessed with an opportunity to start in an industry that I knew very litltle about. I knew that this might mean that I have to start right at the bottom of the pit, learn everything, every little thing from scratch…in all honesty in wasnt all glamour and fabulousity, some times i was left feeling belittled and at times straight up disrespected. This wasnt all the time though. I had good teachers, I am honoured to have met and worked with great minds in the business and take each opportunity as a learning curve, which infact is. I am enjoying the benefits of this career move as it allows me time off on weekends, unlike retail banking. I have the pleasure of going on holidays and not feel guilty that my absence from work means another person is inconvinieced. This year presented me with yet another opportunity to get to know myself better. My experiences over the years,this year in particular have taught me that I much stronger then I am percieved, I have identified my weaknesses and strive toward to overcome then and be more fearless. I have learned that I often let my emotions take me to dark spaces, I’ve learned also that im not always in control but now know what to do when I get in a situation that I have no control over. I have learned through past relationship experiences that I make a good girlfriend and a potentially good wive I’ve yet to meet a deserving man. I am (in no oder of importance) a good mommy to my three year old princcess, im a good daughter to my parents, a good sister, a good colleague and a great friend . I have faith and believe that the coming year; 2013 will be super awesome! I will soar to great heights, I will become healthier, I will become and even better me, my career will flourish,my relationship with my family, friends and colleagues will thrive. I will win the powerball ka five numbers plus the powerball number. I am grateful for all the experiences for over the years, I am mighty grateful for the year that 2012 was. I am looking forward to super awesome 2013! I WILL BE DEBT FREE!! God will provide as he always does… Have an awesome, productive,healthy 2013

NB: Dont make new years resolution, nothing makes one feel like a failure like failing to keep up to your own standards


Love!! What love?

I feel like nowadays, relationships are so rushed, and that’s why they end so quickly. People have sex too quick, also becoming emotionally attached too soon and not being ready to deal with the complications that comes after. I remember back then, being able to hug someone was something to look forward to, holding someone’s hand was worth being bragged about and kissing someone was a big step and actually meant something. But nowadays, people don’t value these things & just skip straight to sex, and then someone is more attached than the other, then it’s over.

If you dress nicely, he says you’re a snob. If you dress sexy, he says you’re a slut. If you argue with him, he says you’re stubborn. If you’re quiet, he says you’re stupid. If you call him, he says you’re needy and clingy. If he calls you, he says you should be happy. If you don’t love him, he’ll try to win you. If you love him, he’ll leave you. If you don’t screw him, he’ll say you don’t love him. If you do, he’ll say you’re easy. If you tell him your problems, he’ll say you’re irritating. If you don’t, he’ll say you don’t trust him. If you lecture him, he’ll say you’re bitchy. If he lectures you, it’s because he ‘cares’. If you break a promise, you can’t be trusted. If he breaks a promise, he had to. If you cheat, you expect it to be over. If he cheats, he expects to be given another chance. Either way… you run back EVERYTIME!

While you laughed all day, I’d cry all night. While you regretted nothing, I looked back at everything. While you forgot everything, I remembered everything. While you fixed other hearts, I looked at mine that was torn apart. While you spent your time enjoying your life, I spent every moment longing for you to be mine.

Moving on is a nice phrase and a better one, if practiced in real life. Life has to move on irrespective of our good or bad experiences. Moving on helps us to forget the past and place our vision only on our future; this makes life less complicated too. “To be able to move on, one has to learn to forgive not only the person or people who have done one wrong but also one self” are the words of Eugenia tripputi. Only if we develop the trait of forgiving, moving on becomes much easier and gives us a lot of energy to face the hardships. When this is dawned on us, we are in fact moving on to a higher position, and will be respected by others. Quietly forgiving and moving on is a gift to god and yourself. So, be sure to develop this habit and spread this message to others too for the smooth functioning of life.