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Fellow readers, you might not realize it, you might think it’s a myth and you might convince yourself that it’s only a result of exaggeration, yet it’s true: Facebook changes your life in ways you will never realize until you decide to take that step and leave. It could be good or bad.

It had been almost 2 weeks since I deactivated my account, and day by day, I came to realize how much my life had changed since I had set up my account 2008. The truth is, I’ve wanted to de activate the account on several occasions, however, I kept making excuses like: “I need it for work”or “I need it to keep up with friends”. (By the way, I am back now!)

But I finally did it, and so I would like to share with you the 10 ways in which leaving Facebook have changed my life…

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I’m not old. I’m one of those young people who think they’re cool enough to label themselves an “old soul” yes, but for the most part, I’m a regular 23 year old just trying to do better than peers. I’m an ex-Rhodes student too (affectionately known as a “Rhodent”), meaning I was groomed to handle an overdose of a good time. When I tell people I used to go to Rhodes they immediately say, “Oh, you Rhodents know how to have a good time!” The pressure to deliver is too much.

When I left varsity and started working, I found it increasingly harder to party and go clubbing. Did I party myself into the ground during my time at university? Before I moved here, Cape Town was always this mystical place that I visited once a year, during the festive season. It never let me down. I was in awe…

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