Why the revolution will not be televised on 3rd Degree

I used to a an avid viewer of 3rd degree, I had so much respect for Ms Debzz cos she was fearless, outsted currupt politicians and was a hard working journalist. I remember back when she had cameras chasing thugs and all, she busted drug lords and made the police seem useless. You can tell that love, passion and most importantly the research and hard work had gone into each episode. But the last few years have been disastrous to say the least. The show had become a very poor version of Real Goboza!! She was busy ka life style ya Khanyi Mbau and Kenny Kunene…Really?!! Sunday Word feeds us celeb garbish weekly so re sharp. What I had failed to notice during the Khanyi/Kenny era is that Ms Debzz might have discovered or infact developed an obssession with black lifstyle…(how on Earth did she marry a darkie vele? or was it one of those; I’ve achieved, thus a white woman is a must typa thing) anyway thats a topic for another day.

Deborah Patta seems to thrive on our short comings as black people, or rather what she sees as short comings. From KKs to skhothanes and now weaves. She and some of us, myself included seem to have forgotten that apartheid has ended. Let people be, their chioces, their lives, its them that have to live with the consequences. If young Black parents want to spoil their kids rotten (literally), let them be, if these kids wanna tear their clothes and become lunatics, by all means if it is legal and does not affect you in any way, shape or form let them be. Let black women weave their hair until they have not a single strand of hair left, let Bonang’s already receeding hairline go all the way to her shoulders. Let people be hleng…back to the topic at hand; Ms Debzz

Mma rona has lost it! We can all tell from her very recent shows, she lacks orginality, good content and she has lost that wow factor. She seems so out of tune with the world. Who debates about what grown women do with their hair or lack of, it’s 2012 can we let the hair issue go! Ms Debzz  has so many topics under the sun that she can discuss but she’s feeding off social media, newspaper and other forms to discuss her issues. There are so many good things that Black people are and having been doing that she can discuss. There are so many bad evil things that white South Africans and other races (is there?) are doing that she can talk about. Her negative focus on Black people borders on the R word.

My 2 cents… Done, dusted!


Hello World, I’m back

Whoah, been a while. So many changes in my life lately. First and foremost, let me thank my Maker for all blessings bestowed up me, particurly the great gift of the job Ive just started. I’ve had time to deeply think about my work/career and I notice a trend thats quite fascininating. In 2006 I left a permanent job and took on a one year learnership at a famous Red bank, without the guarantee or security of permanent employment. I took a leap of faith and things worked in my favour. In 2012 I took better paying  job but a much more junior position in a government affiliated organisation and though its still early I know I made the right decision. Im in an industry that allows me to do what I love with passion, love and profits and sales are least.  My ‘unwavering faith’ as written in the book The Secret has led me to the right paths. Im truly grateful. I am deeply blessed, highly favoured and loved beyond measure. #thatsall