A good ‘friend’ of mine always says, ‘don’t believe the nonsense ya hore life is short, there’s no such, life is damn long and fun’! This is so true, it seems like were led into believing hore life is short when its not. When people want to stop/ delay you from doing something bare, ‘take it easy, you’ve got all the time in the world’ and when they need you to make a quick decision/act. How contradictionary?? (I think I just made that word up).

I’m sick and tired of seeing people live their lifes so carelessly and being ‘spontenious’ (PC for irresponsible) because bare life is damn short!!

Fuck that! Remember when u were in Std 4 (yes I’m old) and matric seemed like a pipe dream, didn’t life feel long then?? It sure was long…or even that time when we found that South Africa has won the rights to host the World Cup didn’t it seem far, like life was taking too long to get to June 2010…

Life is not short, it doesn’t suck. We make it how we want it, by our actions and beliefs. I think batho bareng life is short make their lives shorter unawares! You bring truth what you utter, hence I won’t ever say ‘life sucks’

“Life is long, its damn long and fun, don’t believe what they say, life is not short” Paballo

Life is long, make the best of it and you’ve got all the time in the world to do whatever