Work It

In my short working career I’ve learned that incompetency is a dangerous, infectious desease. This pandemic has made the hardest worker, the laziest. Its made people so sick to a point that they even consider resigning and are always booked off sick. I have heared of stories that people have made up just to avoid going to work, some sad, hilarious and others plain stupid. I’ve heared of people claiming death while the said people are alive, someone claimed that his house caught fire and the wardrobe fell on him, but he was at work at 10 am and reeking of alcohol; the stories are countless. I have also learned that as much as we hate our jobs we need to think of the responsibilities given to us and stop looking at what are colleagues are doing? Its hard to stay focused when your leader is an incompetent, lazy, demotivated bitch who tries by all means to bring you to her level. Don’t let her/him. Besides a contract that you signed, which needs to be honoured, you have a responsibility to those that rely on your salary for survival. Appreciate that you have a job, considering how scarce jobs are. Look for another job, talk (I mean stalk) anyone that can help. But 1st and foremost STAY FOCUSED, remember the end goal and forget what everyone else is doing. Shine on and don’t let anyone shine on your shine!!!

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The Reality of Reality Shows

Hi Peeps, I’m not a showbizz expert but I’m an observer…well ok more like an armchair critic. I love reality shows. I think people are so brave to share their space and time with the whole world. I can’t not even begin to imagine having to share my most intimate moments with strangers. I have been doing some ‘research’ and I have discovered that most ‘reality’ t shows are scripted! What!!! REALY??? Yeah and after that discovery certain things started making sense, like how Kim Kardashian would plan something in such short notice and even anticipate it failing but in the end it works out perfectly! I mean really? And how Guilana Rancit wakes up with make up on EVERYDAY? When do these people get to live their lives? When do they get out of character?

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That little blue birdie

I don’t know or understand the obsession people have with being followed on twitter? The only thing I understand is that everybody tweets for a purpose, celebs market themselves, others entertain and push their political, religious agendas. For others its a tool to earn income, for everyone else myself included its just to be relevant, to observe current trends, attitudes, a lifestyle to laugh, critisize, praise, to scorn. I have a huge appreciation for those that I feel are honest and aren’t tryin to get followers. I fail to understand someone who’s gonna ask Bonang or Dj Fresh to follow them; why? They didn’t ask you to follow so why beg and plead. Some will even RT or tweet something nice then ask to be followed! Bathong ba Modimo that’s an emotional bribe. And then what happens after you get followed? Do u try to be cool cos now your fave celeb is following you, do you start tweeting nice things about them only to get to a point where even you are even considering deactivating your account? I love a lot of SA celebs and I follow a few of them I just don’t see myself begging for a follow back… I’d rather be followed by none than plead. Everybody on twitter made a choice to sign up, once that’s done you make another choice whom you follow. Twitter is a democracy, everybody has a choice and a responsibility.. Which brings me to another point-> HATE. Hate is so rife on twitter you’d swear peeps were forced to follow. Like if you don’t like what someone tweets why keep following them? The unfollow and block buttons are open to everyone. The level peeps go to… I repeat twitter is a DEMOCRACY, follow and respect or unfollow and leave the person the fuck alone! Just think how will being followed by Bonag or Gareth change your life? How does it change the price of bread? Will it earn you a living? Apply same questions to being followed by them.

PS: I’m just using Bonang, Fresh and Gareth cos they are the most followed peeps on twitter… Well according to True love mag!



Dixx Baby!

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Dark and Light

There is something dark about this friday, can’t quite put my finger on it!! The world seems somehow darker today, hope this is just a feeling that will go away! I’ve been blessed with an incredibly sharp 6th sense and I’ve been wrong about very few ‘feelings’ and mostly right. I often find myself analysing peoples behaviour and reaching a conclusion about who and what they are without any facts and only later to realise that I was right! My ‘feelings’ have often gotten me in trouble but have saved my life many a times. I have learned that a lot of people never tune in to the 6th sense and that some just choose to ignore it! Tune in your inner self and listen to the voices. Some people call the voices Angels, Badimo, Spirits, Inner self or even refer to it as God whomever they call! Never under estimate that VOICE! Often my feelings start on a negative note and and on good. I have mastered the art of turning everything positive, yeah at times I loose it but the trick is to appreciating the feeling at the time. Let it make sense, let it simmer into you then act on it or try to change it! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @MashDiva and my facebook page MashDiva

This how I feel now, could be feel different in the next 5 mins!! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

MashDiva has arrived!

Welcome to my world peeps! I want to use this blog as a platform for me and you to express our feeling without getting personal or emotional! What’s gonna be written on this blog shall and will remain within this blog! Here a little bit about me; I’m a lover of life and sometimes a hater. I’m a passionate pisces, I’m an extremist. I love deeply and hate just as much, a trait I’m nt too proud of! I am banker by proffession by and a writer by life!! That’s all for now the rest you’ll learn as we go along. Let’s write bakgotsi

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